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Jen's Competitive Career

2004- Plano,Texas


1.Senior Extemp 2nd 

2.Senior Duets 1st "Swan Lake"

3.Senior Light 4th "Lilo & Stich Hula"

4.Duets Parade 1st🏆


2005 - Valencia,California


5.Senior Duets 2nd "Adam & Eve"

6.Senior Dramatic 3rd "Sadness"


2006 - Benson,Illinois


7.Senior Dramatic 2nd "Memoirs Of A Geisha"

8.Senior Duets 1st "Copa Cabana"

9.Parade Of Duet Champions 5th

2007 - Ft.Collins,Colorado


10.Masters Dramatic 1st "Africa"

11.Masters Light 1st "Mambo"

12.Master Extemp 1st

13.Junior Duets 2nd "The Librarian"

14.Parade Extemp Finals 2nd🏆

15.Parade Finals 4th🏆


2008 - Rochester,Michigan


16.Masters Dramatic 1st "Frozen"

17.Masters Light 1st "Eyes Like Yours"

18.Masters Extemp 2nd

19.Parade Of Champions 5th


2009 - Colorado Springs, CO


20.Masters Dramatic 2nd "Miss Saigon"

21.Masters Light 3rd "Jai Ho"

22.Masters Extemp 1st

23.Parade Extemp Finals 1st


2010 - Strongsville,Ohio


24.Masters Dramatic 2nd "Black Swan"

25.Masters Light 2nd "Hockey Time"

26.Masters Extemp 2nd


2011 - Hyannis, Massachusetts 


27.Masters Dramatic 4th "Separate Lives"

28.Masters Light 3rd "Nomad"

29.Masters Extemp 1st

30.Parade Extemp Finals 4 🏆


2012 - Escondido, California


31.Masters Dramatic 3rd "Live"

32.Masters Light 2nd "Circle Of Life"

33.Masters Extenp 1st

34.Novice Duets 1st "The Babushkas"

35.Parade Extemp Finals 4th 🏆

36.Parade Of Duet Champions 5th


2013 - Hyannis,Massachusetts


37.Masters Dramatic 1st "Medusa"

38.Masters Light 1st "Gatsby"

39.Masters Extemp 1st

40.Parade Extemp Finals 4th🏆

41.Parade Of Champions 5th


2015 - Brighton, Michigan 


42.Masters Dramatic 3rd "Avatar"

43.Masters Extemp 1st

44.Parade Extemp  Finals 4th🏆


2016 - Cleveland, Ohio


45.Masters Dramatic 4th "Pheonix Rising"

46.Masters Light 2nd " Steam Punk"

47.Masters Extemp 2nd


2017 - Santa Rosa, California 


48.Masters Extemp 3rd


2019 -Wenatchee,WA


49.Masters Extemp 1st

50.Masters Dramatic 4th

51.Masters Light Ent. 2nd

52.Parade Of Interpretive Champions 4th

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