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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

                                                             Albert Einstein


Mike Jones is the creative mind behind projects such as a once-in-a-lifetime rendezvous with Halley’s Comet in 1986, where he took 820 excited guests on six jet flights to view the Comet’s return. Mike has flown 4000+ hours, piloting helicopters over tall mountains, above steaming jungles, and across deserts. As captain of a yellow tour submarine in Hawaii, he carried over 50,000 people to the bottom of the ocean. Under clear evening Hawaiian skies, Michael has captured people’s imaginations conducting star parties ranging in size from one inquisitive stargazer eager to stay up all night to see and hear more of the unfolding story overhead to 1200 visitors a week lying on their backs watching, and hearing, about our place in the cosmos. During Mike’s 23 years as a science teacher, students were carried to magical places, from a drop of pond water under a microscope to the edge of the universe through a telescope. His classroom was the world. He was selected as Washington State’s NASA Teacher in Space Finalist, an adventure that ended with the tragic loss of the space shuttle Challenger. Mike went on to produce NASA-funded, nationally distributed planetarium shows that recreated epic voyages of star navigation by ancient Polynesians and futuristic flights to Mars. In 1986 he developed and produced the world’s first electronic field trip: a live, interactive voyage to the bottom of the ocean linking over 2000 schools to a team of oceanographers and divers anchored over a shipwreck near Seattle, Washington. Students across the country took a voyage to the bottom of the sea and didn’t even get their feet wet. Michael continues to innovate and dream big dreams. Working with Preserving Bible Times, he has researched and established relations with film archives in England. His efforts gained access to the Vatican Museums and Pontifical Library in furthering PBTs quest to build the finest film and video archive in the world, revealing lands of the Bible as they existed in the First Century. He is a creative thinker, writer, and dreamer who aims at things no one else can see and hits them! 

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