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I was invited to join a small group of business people dedicated to preserving, through archival methods, an accurate understanding of the Bible. Their goal was to restore the context within which the Bible was written. I helped by gaining access to historical information in museums and European film archives for our film crews.


While working in Jerusalem in 2001, I approached one of the members about moving PBT forward in a new direction.  My involvement took us to the British Museum in London, the Helen Keller Film Archive in London, The Vatican Museum, and various US planning meetings. Preserving Bible Times is one of the premier film archives capturing high-quality still and videos of what 1st Century life must have been like across the Holy Land.  By restoring context, it is possible to know more accurately what the authors of Scripture meant.  The archive represents thousands of photographs and many hours of high-definition video shot from the ground and the air in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Turkey, in over 11 major museums and archaeology field sites. Users of the archive include major religious publishing houses and international news organizations. Much of what we captured is no longer accessible due to conflicts and military action. In this regard, the archive stands as an irreplaceable repository of imagery characterizing the lands of the Bible.

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